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eMoment Classifieds offers the possibility to place your business or private ad for free, translate it into other languages, and you can place the information about your site in eMoment Directory and take part in rating of sites.
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Partnering program

    Our partnering program will help you earn, making the minimum of efforts for that.

    All that you need is:
    1. Register as a partner on our web site.
    2. Place our reference on your web site.
    Calculation and payment.
    Each advertisement placed on our site by the person who came from your site using the reference is taken into account.
    For each free advertisement we receive $0.01
    You receive 50% of the sum of the order to your account for each advertisement placed with paying services.
    Adverticement placed with paying services but not paid is considered to be a free one.

    In that way some amount is accumulated on your account.
    Money transference is proceeded in USD, on the 3rd day of each month to your WebMoney purse (PayPal account).
    The minimal transfer amount $30.

For authorized users.

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