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5 Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Curtains

A regular cleaning schedule is often followed by homes so that it looks new and vibrant every time. The cleaning of furniture and fixtures, gadgets, beds, etc. is being done in a regular manner to keep them dirt free. But often we do not go for maintaining and cleaning of curtains now and then. But it is one of the essential accessories for your home since it keeps the dirt away so it becomes a necessity to clean them and it can be done with these simpler tips.
Clean them on regular basis
An ordinary curtain washing might not be possible for big one’s since it takes your too much time. For that, you can contact your nearest specialist dry cleaners who can provide the cleaning service as well as getting them removed from your home and putting them again in their respective places at your home. Even you can go for vacuum cleaning or can simply take the cleaning brush to give it a cleaner look.
Washing of curtains
If you feel that the fabric of curtain is lightweight than only, you can go for washing them at your home while following the cleaning instruction given by the company, remove the hooks before washing and use a suitable detergent. It will help in removing the dirt and will give a newer look to your curtains which will assist in maintaining the hygiene too.
Use of professional services
The best way to keep the sheen of your curtain is to use the professional services of the dry cleaning company since they are expert in removing the stains which cannot be withdrawn from the home. They dry clean them; check them for the shrinkage of the product and even before returning it to you uses the steam finish to eliminate the creases which may occur while transporting it back to your place.
Treatment by trained professional
The very idea of getting your beautiful curtains treated from outside is to maintain its look, and their handling is done by the professional. They look out for the contents of fabric and after that choose the process of cleaning them. The cleaning of the curtains may include steam cleaning or the ultraviolet light to kill any mold or fungus in the drapes.
Usage of material during cleaning
Many companies go by the regulations which are put forth by the governmental departments while cleaning of a product by using a particular chemical. They make it sure that the material used for cleaning does not harm the fabric and the substance used should not affect the health of their customers.
So, we can see that by following these five simple steps you can give a new and stunning look to your curtains.
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